Step 1 : Get some Disposable Chopsticks

Step 2: Cut the Chopsticks into smaller pieces

Step 3: These cut up chopsticks will be the raw materials for preserved bamboo shoots

Step 4: Soak these cut up chopsticks in chinese cooking wine for several days

 Step 5: Add  flavourings (I'm assuming it's salt or msg)

Step 6: Add  Soda Bicarbonate

Step 7: Add  Sugar

Step 8: Add Soysauce

Step 9: Boil the mixture

Step 10: Store in an empty jar and keep it for some time

Step 11: It is ready to serve once the 'bamboo shoots' absorb all the gravy in the jar

Step 12: It looks like real bamboo shoots

Served as a stir-fry



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