Whenever eating biscuit with sugar/cream in the middle, we must be extra carefully.

When opened and turned....got Maggot inside....

That time I was reading book on bed, suddenly heard my roommate make noise in the room.

My roommate just bought OREO biscuit with chocolate flavour from 7-11, before she bite it, she saw something strange in the middle cream, got many small holes with white color, she thought maybe OREO got new product with new flavour? Or those were just sugar? But how come it's looked like this? Then she took the pack...

It's correct, chocolate flavour, not white chocolate and there's no fruit added in it.

Expired? Still long time to be..

The pack was still very good. Or probably, the look is awful but actually the taste is yummy?  Finally she took away the top layer of the biscuit (Sorry for my trembling hand).

Full of white small holes, look like the spoiled eggs as maggot's nest, so disgusting!

Luckily my friend got sharp eyesight, how if she has bite it? Then we investigated via internet and we found it. OMG.... Actually there's a victim on January, and after passing a year, we can still find the same "special product" in the market?

After that, my friend brought 2 biscuit along with its packaging and returned to the 7-11 shop. But the white spots had gone, it's been dissolved into the cream. My friend immediately opened another new pack and took out 1 biscuit again, removed the top layer and there's full of that disgusting thing.

Luckily the shop staff was willing to return her the money, but we don't know when the goods will be wiped out from their rack. The reason that he gave us is: the goods are imported product, probably there's problem during the process of shipment. OMG, how could such problem happened with one of the big companies that are so popular?

What wrong with the production of OREO company? The same problem had happened last year. There's no reason for them to not improve the quality of their products!

For all friend who like to consume OREO biscuit, before bite it, watch closely beforehand.



  1. I agree with you. I also have this experience, they should improve them quality product watch. Sometime an angry or dyspleasent employees or labor makes something wrong in the product. I have experience also in milk produck that have very strange taste but the expired date still far. A candy with muddy, many again.

  2. Wow, u have experienced a lot with muddy case. But I really can't simply forgive or not angry as we are consumer. If those thing made me diarrhea or "visit hospital", I maybe dono what to do..

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  4. Thanks for the warning, my children like it very much, i should be careful now